Event Recap | Privasec x nEbO Secondary School Career Exploration Learning Journey 

At Privasec, we believe in inspiring and nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Career Exploration Learning Journey

Our Privasec Team went down to St. Hilda Secondary School and Canberra Secondary School, where we conducted a career exploration learning journey in collaboration with nEbO, a junior membership arm of NTUC.

Our #PrivasecTeam members, Howard Ching (Senior Consultant) and Joraine Ng (Marketing Executive), shared their personal experiences including their educational journeys and job roles.

As young adults and recent graduates who’ve been through the ups and downs of their student journey, Howard and Joraine openly discussed the setbacks they faced in their educational and professional pursuits. 

In addition to imparting students with deeper insights into the cybersecurity field, we hope to encourage students to not only embrace setbacks, but also to cultivate an optimistic and open mindset when it comes to seizing opportunities that come their way.

Privasec Red-Teaming Capture-The-Flag Workshop

We tailored a Red-Teaming Capture-The-Flag (CTF) workshop to further enrich their learning experienceThis interactive workshop exposed students to the critical importance of cybersecurity and the need to remain vigilant about their digital footprints.

The students got to experience interactive games in our CTF workshop, giving them a brief outline of the types of skills our consultants require on a day-to-day basis. This hands-on experience not only informed but also inspired these students to consider cybersecurity as a viable and exciting career choice. 

Maintaining Vigilance

As members of the younger tech-saavy generation, many students initially attempted on the phishing simulation with confidence. However, they were shocked when they realised that some of the phishing errors were cleverly concealed and not as easily identifiable as they had first thought. Whilst teasing their peers, they acknowledged that that under real-life circumstances, they might have fallen victim to such scams. 

Each team was given two team identity cards to safeguard throughout the CTF challenge, each card representing one flag. A notable highlight from the learning journey was when a group of students seized the opportunity to “appropriate” the identities card of other teams during moments of their inattentiveness. This strategic move resulted in the acquisition of four additional flags for their team, and they ultimately won the CTF challenge. This served as a reminder for students to remain vigilant and cautious with their personal information.

In Summary

We are glad that the students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which helped them grasp the significance of protecting digital assets and information in our interconnected world. While sharing our knowledge and expertise, the students’ enthusiasm and curiosity were palpable, reminding us of the profound impact we can have on young minds when we share our passion and knowledge.  

It was truly heartwarming to see the spark of interest and the potential for future leaders in the cybersecurity field. As they continue their educational journey, we wish each and every one of these talented students the very best in their studies and future career aspirations. 

The Privasec team is a group of passionate advocates for a larger purpose, striving to create a positive impact on our society beyond the confines of traditional organisational missions and visions. Our commitment extends to various community endeavors, including environmental conservation, providing support to special needs students and many more as we progress. 

This is just the beginning. With many more initiatives in the pipeline, let’s make a meaningful difference in the world, one step at a time! 

Follow our socials and stay tuned for our upcoming CSR initiatives! 

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