Cyber Resilience Summit 2021

Cyber Resilience Summit NSW 2021

Privasec is a proud sponsor for the Cyber Resilience Summit NSW 2021 at Dockside Darling Harbour in June. It was an enjoyable event organised by …

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The Benefits of Infrastructure as Code for Adversary Simulation

Check out our Senior Red Consultant’s talk at the recent CRESTCon Australia 2021, on the ‘The benefits of Infrastructure as Code for Adversary Simulation’.

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Macquarie Business School Interviews our GRC Consultant

In this interview with Macquarie Business School, Sita Bhat shares what she does on a day to day as a Privasec GRC Consultant, and also walks through the daily activities of our RED team and penetration testers. She was asked to provide an example of what was discovered in one of these engagements and talk about the different solutions that have been used to address identified vulnerabilities. Hear more about her take if financial services executives “get” cyber risks.

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Broadcast Episode New Release | MAS TRM Directive and Third-Party Risk Management

Our latest broadcast episode is now out! In our third episode (Singapore feature), together with our host Quan Heng “Q”, we meet with Angela Yuen, Privasec’s GRC Consultant, as we explore a very topical discussion.

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FEB 2021 Events

It’s mid-Feb and the Privasec team are excited to bring to you two upcoming events, our first physical event of the year in Sydney, Australia, and a virtual session in Singapore.

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Happy International Data Privacy Day!

Today is International Data Privacy Day!

Public education on data privacy has come a long way over the last few years. In today’s digital-savvy world, it is important that all of us are well-informed in protecting our data privacy.

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PRIVACON 2020 – Privasec’s First International Summit

Privasec Pty Ltd, one of the fastest growing cybersecurity service  providers in Australia and Singapore, held its first international cybersecurity summit. The attendees witnessed and …

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PRIVACON 2020 – Riding the Digital Skies

We are very excited to announce PRIVACON 2020, Privasec’s first international summit coming to different regions this October! Join us as we ride the digital skies and cross virtual borders to hear from an incredible diverse lineup of industry speakers.

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Emergent Risk Webinar: How is the Financial Services Sector Managing the risk?

Privasec had the privilege of being invited on the board panel discussion last week organised by Cyber Data-Risk Managers.

Romain Rallu together with Teresa Dyson, Michelle Beveridge, Meena Wahi, moderated by Shamane Tan discussed the perspective of boards on Super funds, experience of complying with APRA CPS234 to business continuity and lessons learnt from living in pandemic times, all the way through to emerging risks and risk transfer options.

Watch it here now to tap into this jammed packed and insightful exchange if you’ve missed out!

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