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Cybersecurity Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Simulate real-world adversaries to assess your incident response

What is it?

Cybersecurity Table-top Exercise (TTX) is a simulation of a cyber attack or security breach scenario that is crafted towards all stakeholders present in a War Room Simulation. An exercise like this allow organisations to assess its Incident Response Plan, where potential gaps and areas of improvement can be identified and proactively mitigated. 

Note: An existing Incident Response Plan is required for a TTX exercise and it is highly recommended to have the plan established for a minimum duration of one year.

Benefits of TTX

Assess and Strengthen Incident Response plan
Enhanced Communication between Stakeholders
Bolster Crisis Management and ensure Business continuity
meet Regulatory Requirements and compliance needs

What to expect during a TTX Engagement

1. Information gathering and Planning according to Crown Jewels

Understanding organisation’s core functions and obtaining key documents like Incident Response Plan (IRP), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), Business Recovery Plan (BCP) to devise attack vectors targeting the organisation’s crown jewels. Depending on the stakeholders involved, the context of the TTX will differ.

2. Scenarios tailored to organisation's risk profile

Customised cyber incident scenarios, with various steps of escalation that challenges organisations to respond effectively according to the Incident Response Plan/ Security Playbooks. The scenarios may include phishing attacks, ransomware incidents or specific vulnerabilities. 

3. Exercise Facilitated by experts

Guided through the scenarios, participants will be provided context and feedbacks as the scenarios unfolds to ensure a structured and valuable engagement. The responses will recorded and evaluated based on the organisation’s IRP.

4. Detailed Findings Report with Expert recommendations

Benchmarked against the organisation’s documents, a comprehensive evaluation to assess your team’s performance will be included in the report. This provides a holistic overview of your team’s cybersecurity posture, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and actionable recommendations for improvements. 

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Our expert team are highly experienced and holds a range of industry-recognised certifications. Globally, we have assisted clients across industries, from Aviation, Communications, Hospitality, Construction and many more to fortify their cybersecurity defenses with Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises. Contact us today and take the proactive steps to safeguard your valuable assets and data. 

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