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CSA Star Certification

Achieve a globally recognised certification, elevating the transparency and reliability of cloud service providers (CSPs)

The #PrivasecTeam is ready to provide guidance and close support throughout your organisation's compliance journey, ensuring a secure cloud environment for your business and stakeholders.

CSA Star as a Service (CSASTARaas)

The Cloud Security Alliance Security, Trust, Assurance and Risk (CSA STAR) Certification, offered by the Cloud Security Alliance, is a globally recognised program designed to enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of cloud service providers (CSPs). It provides a standardised approach to assessing and communicating the security practices implemented by CSPs, ensuring a secure cloud environment for businesses and users alike. CSA STAR certification is your key to establishing and communicating the robustness of your cloud security practices, boosting trust among stakeholders.  

Introducing CSA Star as a service, this consultancy service is catered for organisations to uncover security gaps, rectify and implement cloud security measures defined as prevailing requirements and/or recommendations for CSA Star Certifications.

CSA STAR Levels: 2 Layers of Assurance

CSA Star Level 1

CSA STAR Level 1 signifies a basic level of cloud security maturity, indicating that a provider has implemented fundamental security practices. This includes essential controls like data encryption and basic identity management. Companies can submit a self-assessment against the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Code of Conduct.

CSA Star Level 2

On the other hand, CSA STAR Level 2 reflects a higher level of maturity, showcasing advanced security measures and a more comprehensive approach, taking security to the next level with an independent third-party audit. Level 2 of STAR allows organisations to build off other industry certifications and standards to make them specific for the cloud.

This external validation provides assurance to stakeholders that the security controls outlined in the CCM are not merely self-declared but have undergone rigorous assessments by industry-recognised experts. 

At this level, providers typically have robust security protocols, incident response plans, and adherence to industry-specific compliance requirements, demonstrating a more sophisticated commitment to safeguarding cloud environments.

Who needs it?

Organisations seeking elevated assurance, transparency, and credibility in cloud security practices; 

  • Operating in a medium to high-risk environment.
  • Having successfully completed CSA STAR Level 1.
  • Holding or adhering to ISO27001 or SOC 2.
  • Looking for a cost-effective way to enhance cloud security and privacy assurance. 

This level is particularly advantageous for organisations that seek to instill confidence in customers, partners, and regulators. Whether you are a cloud service provider, enterprise, or government entity, Level 2 certification demonstrates your commitment to the most stringent security standards. 

Variations of STAR Level 2 Certification:
STAR Attestation and STAR Certification

Variations of CSA Star Level 2 Certification
STAR Attestation (SOC 2) STAR Certification (ISO/IEC 27001)
Relevance: Applicable for SOC 2 compliance. Relevance: Applicable for ISO/IEC 27001 compliance.
Outcome: Certification verifies adherence to SOC 2 standards. Outcome: Certification verifies adherence to ISO/IEC 27001 standards.
Focus: Primarily for service providers managing client data. Focus: Primarily for information security management.

Benefits of CSA Star Level 2 Compliance

Enhanced Security Measures

CSA STAR Level 2 Certification signifies that a cloud service provider has implemented advanced security measures and controls. 

This includes a comprehensive set of security protocols, encryption mechanisms, and access controls to protect data and infrastructure from unauthorised access and cyber threats.

Mitigation of Risks and Compliance

Achieving CSA STAR Level 2 Certification implies a higher level of maturity in risk management practices. This includes the identification, assessment, and mitigation of potential risks associated with the cloud service. 

By aligning with industry best practices, organisations can also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, avoiding legal issues and potential financial penalties.

Demonstrate Security Assurance

CSA STAR Level 2 Certification involves a detailed and transparent assessment of the cloud service provider’s security controls and practices. 

By attaining this level, a provider demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability to their cloud security. Clients can have more confidence in the security and reliability of the cloud services they are utilising, providing assurance to customers that the provider has robust processes in place to manage and respond to security risks effectively.

Engagement With Privasec

Cybersecurity Trained
CSA Star Experts

Our expert team at Privasec specialises in comprehensive cybersecurity consulting, guiding businesses through the intricate process of aligning their cloud services with the rigorous standards set by the Cloud Security Alliance.  

Meticulous Assessments, Tailored Solutions

Our emphasis on risk management, coupled with detailed reporting and solutions for potential vulnerabilities, ensures a resilient security posture for your organisation to meet CSA STAR Level 2 certification criteria.

Close Support

Your dedicated consultant is committed to overseeing every aspect of your engagement, ensuring a personalised approach to deliver the best possible outcomes for you. 


Our experience and working relationship with Privasec have been fantastic. We greatly appreciate the guidance extended by the Privasec Team in ensuring our compliance to international standards, effectively securing our core technology infrastructure, and supporting us in attaining the CSA Star L2 Certification. The scope of the engagement was well-defined. With the team’s clarity and clear communication, and Privasec's established reputation in the cybersecurity services industry in Singapore, these further strengthened our confidence to trust Privasec as our partner for obtaining various certifications

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