Event Recap | Privasec’s Heartfelt Day Out with Autism Association (Singapore)

Recently, the Privasec Team hosted individuals from the Eden Centre for Adults in Hougang and Clementi for an outing to Gardens by the Bay. 

Our outing kicked off with a scenic tour around the vicinity, where each team member paired up with a participant to discover the botanical marvels together. 

Building Personal Connections:

After an immersive multisensory experience at Gardens by the Bay viewing flora and floral displays from all around the world, we embarked on a joyous stroll to Marina Barrage where we enjoyed a picnic together alongside the scenic view, and had the chance to share stories and form genuine connections. 

Capturing Memories:

Gifts From Our Hearts:

With the new friendships formed, we wrote down our heartfelt thoughts and wishes that we wanted to convey to each participant.

Participants had a wonderful time, and took home specially prepared gifts, handwritten cards and Polaroid photos as mementos.  

Before the day ended, we were presented with a beautiful and intricate hand-drawn artwork from one of their talented clients. 

A Truly Meaningful Experience:

Beyond an enjoyable outing, this event granted us valuable perspectives on improving our support for individuals with autism.

Events like these remind us of the power of compassion, empathy, and togetherness. The day served as a reminder that we all share common bonds and that understanding, and acceptance can bridge any divide.  

In Summary

We thank Autism Association (Singapore), the Eden Centre for Adults, and everyone who participated in this special day.  

With open hearts and a commitment to inclusivity where everyone is valued for who they are, the Privasec Team looks forward to continuing our journey toward a more harmonious and compassionate society. 🌈 

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