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Because we have a stronger desire to upkeep our reputation for excellence and integrity than to pursue profitable margins. We put passion and care in everything we do which is why we are trusted by some of the biggest names and largest government agencies across Southeast Asia.
Romain Rallu
CEO, Privasec

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ISO 27001 (ISMS)

We will help you to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Penetration Testing

We will help to secure your network and applications.

Vendor Management

We will help you in security assessments and management of third-party vendors.

attack simulations

We will help you run an adversarial simulation of potential attackers.

19 August 2021

What are the top 10 tips to demystify your ISO 27001 journey? How do you embark on a red teaming exercise/ CORIE/ AASE testing? Hear from us LIVE on Teams.
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Essential Eight Maturity Assessments | Cyber Security | Privasec
Cyber Resilience

Privasec’s Essential 8 Maturity Assessment

Get to know about Privasec’s Essential 8 framework, which focuses on three key objectives — prevention, limitation, and recovery — to help organisations build a baseline to mitigate cyber security incidents.

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PDF Generator Best Practices

The dangers of using server-side PDF generation technologies without properly sanitising user input.

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Demystifying Workshop
ISO 2700 certification

Demystifying Two Different Worlds: A Look into ISO 27001 and Red Teaming

Red Team Attack Simulations mimic an adversary attacking your organisation. Red Team Attack Simulations enable you to understand and improve upon your ability to identify and respond to an adversary tyring to access your systems or information.

But what actually happens during a Red Team and how does an Attack Simulation work in practise?

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Privasec Australia co-creates Sekuro

Meet Sekuro, the new cyber security company Privasec Australia co-created together with founders of Solista, CXO Security and Naviro.

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Thank you for making Privasec a Great Place To Work!

We have achieved an impressive score of 94% and a Great Place to Work® certification based on the responses from the #Privafam team!

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Client Testimonial

Former Service NSW Chief Security Tech Officer Speaks on Security Partners Engagement

Get to know the former Chief Security & Technology Officer at Service NSW as he shares in under 5 minutes his views on how companies can leverage their security partners and gain the most value in partner engagement.

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