InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Explained

Just like other businesses, the Australian federal government has undertaken substantial digital transformation in projects such as myGov, Digital Entity,, etc. But with more digitalisation, comes more risk. In recent years, malicious actors have been successfully finding ways to overcome government capabilities. For this reason, Information security has been a top national priority for the Australian government.


Spear Phishing

According to an article by Smart Company (one of Australia’s premier publication for growth businesses and entrepreneurs), 516,380 small businesses fell victim to cyber-crime last year. The first step in falling for a cyber-attack is believing that you won’t be attacked. Prevention starts with educating your employees about some of the most common types of cyber-attacks such as Spear Phishing and how they can be countered.


Privasec’s New Office

To accommodate our growing team and business demands, we have moved to our new Privasec Office in Singapore.

Looking forward to our prosperous and successful future with the growing Privasc team!


Phishing and How to prevent it

In 2019, attackers are phishing targets to retrieve sensitive information that ultimately leads to data compromise. Phishing is the technique where a malicious actor lures a victim into revealing sensitive information. This can be through large “spray-and-pray” type campaigns involving multiple recipients or, a more targeted approach crafting attacks for specific individuals, known as Spear Phishing. Phishing has been around since the early days of the Internet as one of the oldest vectors of attack.


Evolution of Ransomware attacks

According to recent studies on cyber trends, ransomware attacks will continue to evolve and pave the way for two- stage extortion attacks: attacking victims with ransomware attacks to extract files and then extorting a ransom by threating to disclose sensitive data.


SINCON 2021 | CXO Brief

With the rising discussions and conversations around cyber security even outside of the traditional Information Security domain, more organisations are looking at how cyber risk should be managed.

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