Webinar | Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar

In the recent webinar ‘Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar‘ organised by Singapore Computer Society (SCS), Privasec RED Consultant Jonah Tan joined as one of the speakers in the sharing session. It was a day filled with much cybersecurity goodness lined up for the audience, where the cyber security skills of the audience were engaged and tested with an interactive cybersecurity game, and they got to have the closest first-hand experience in managing threat risks in the data centre.

Afterward, during the sharing session, Jonah had the opportunity to share real-life RED team stories through his talk ‘Incognito War Stories, from a Hacker’s Perspective‘:

In the session, Jonah first explained the objective of a Red Team, where the exercise aims to target the “crown” jewels” of an organisation. Without prejudice to any attack vectors, multi-layered attacks are conducted across people, process and technologies. From the perspective of a hacker, Jonah then shared real-life stories of how the Privasec team of ethical hackers successfully penetrated the human element of defence and some of the common techniques used by cyber attackers. Discussing the hackers’ mindset, Jonah also delved into how the human element can be easily exploited and ways businesses can combat these blindspots with practical safety measures for a healthier security culture and posture.

As concluded from the Red Teaming experiences, Jonah highlighted the importance of securing the human element where in most cases, lack of awareness from unsuspecting staff presents the points of vulnerability. Hence, it is important to continuously raise awareness among employees to build the organisation’s security culture and enforce security processes.

Thank you for having us and organising this event, SCS!

About Privasec RED Team

Privasec RED team consists of CREST certified consultants who are passionate about Red Team Attack Simulations, Purple Teaming and Penetration Testing. Their other skill sets include SCADA & ICS Security, Drone Security, Physical Intrusions, Theft simulations, Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), Social Engineering, and Phishing.

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