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Privasec’s Essential 8 Maturity Assessment

In the latest episode of our #WDWD series, meet Team Lead Alydia Bens as she introduces Privasec’s Essential 8 framework, which focuses on three key objectives — prevention, limitation, and recovery — to help organisations build a baseline to mitigate cyber security incidents.

In the evolving cyber landscape, prevention is always better than reaction and salvation. With proactive implementation of the framework, organisations can have the upper hand in cyber threat control, allowing them to reduce wastage of resources (time, money, and effort) that would be incurred if they only react after an attack has taken place.

About Essential 8
The Essential 8 has shown to be an effective form of double protection as 85% of the cyber threats faced can be alleviated with adoption of these strategies. Even if attackers managed to get through, the extent of damage they can induce are largely limited. Organisations can then transit to the recovery phase, as they are assured that the powerful measures set up are capable of protecting them.

How Privasec Can Help
Privasec can build a sturdy safe spot for your organisation in this ever-changing cyber threat landscape. We help to dissect and analyse how the Essential 8 framework can fit into your business, design a roadmap that will assist your organisation to achieve the highest maturity level.

To find out more information about implementing these strategies, you can reach out to us at: [email protected]

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