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Privasec, now Sekuro

Meet Sekuro, the new cyber security company created by our founders, including the founders of Solista, CXO Security Pty Ltd and Naviro.
With a combined 30+ years of operational experience serving Australian businesses, Sekuro is a founder-fuelled new end-to-end cyber security solutions provider, capable of scaling multiple complimentary disciplines and delivering services across the business lifecycle including Advisory, Assurance & Compliance, Technologies and Platform Engineering, Team Augmentation, and Managed Services.

Day to day there will be no changes to the way we work with our customers, albeit operationally, access to the combined capabilities of Sekuro allow you to leverage both our innovative and targeted capabilities, as well as our long-established and competitive service offerings.

We wanted to thank YOU for our partnership! This is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey, and we are confident we can continue to strive together. To find out more check us out at
Many thanks,
Karan, Prashant, Romain
Privasec & Sekuro Co-Founders

*Privasec Asia (Privasec Pte Ltd) continues to operate independently from Sekuro but now has access to the capabilities of the entire Sekuro group.

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