Common Controls Framework (CCF)

Common Control Framework A set of comprehensive, internal security control framework to streamline your compliance efforts and address all your regulatory requirements What is CCF? The controls in the Common Control Framework (CCF) are derived by ‘distilling’ the controls from security frameworks that the organisation is required to adhere to for assessments or to montor …

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[Event] The Bigger & Better Bash

#PSBBB2023 JOIN US 1st March, 3 pm SGT At Marina Bay Sands Days Hours Agenda Speakers Program Lineup Sponsors Register Now The bigger and Better bash Happening on the 1st of March 2023, Privasec Asia is delighted to hold our biggest celebration of the year – The Bigger and Better Bash, an in-person event for all our …

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Data Privacy Panel Discussion: DPTM Vs CBPR

DPTM (Data Protection Trustmark) is the go-to standard for organisations in Singapore to demonstrate compliance with sound data protection practices. It helps to highlight a company’s commitment to protecting their client’s personal information, building assurance and trust with both clients and stakeholders.

In light of this, where does CBPR come in? Are both initiatives complementary or mutually exclusive? In the context of cross-border data flows, what are the differences between the two?

Join us in unpacking some of the intricacies behind these initiatives and gaining more insight into all sides of the Data Privacy compliance equation.

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