Data Privacy Panel Discussion: DPTM Vs CBPR

How has your organisation been addressing Data Privacy, both within the company structure and your third-party ecosystem? What are the measures that you take when there is a need to transmit Personal Identifiable Information (PII) across territorial regions?

DPTM (Data Protection Trustmark) is the go-to standard for organisations in Singapore to demonstrate compliance with sound data protection practices. It helps to highlight a company’s commitment to protecting their client’s personal information, building assurance and trust with both clients and stakeholders.

In light of this, where does CBPR come in? Are both initiatives complementary or mutually exclusive? In the context of cross-border data flows, what are the differences between the two?

Achieving compliance with data privacy regulations is no small task for any organisation, and yet it is a very important facet to get right. Join us in unpacking some of the intricacies behind these initiatives, and gaining more insight into all sides of the Data Privacy compliance equation.

We’ve put together a panel discussion with industry experts ranging from association, regulatorscybersecurity, and information privacy specialists:

  • Dominic Ng, Manager (Data Protection Certifications – DPTM/CBPR&PRP) at IMDA
  • Nevin Sim, GRC Cybersecurity Consultant, CIPP/A from Privasec
  • Yuit Ang, Vice President (Strategies, Development, & Digitalisation) at ASME 
  • Lim Quan Heng, Regional Head of Privasec (Moderator)  

In this session, they will share unique industry perspectives and insights on different privacy regulations, like:

  • Cross Border Privacy Regulations (CBPR)
  • Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM)
  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA),
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Register now, and join us for a lively session as the experts discuss the different aspects of data privacy – such as the driving principles behind the regulations, cybersecurity for the technology involved and requirements for an organisation to get to data privacy-related certification.

The Panel


The Programme

10:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions

Moderator Lim Quan Heng will be setting the agenda for the panel and introducing all panellists present.

10:05 AM

Observations in the Industry

The panel will touch on prevailing cyber maturity levels across industries.

10:10 AM

Background information on the different Data Privacy regulations

The panel will look into the specifics of available regulations: DPTM, CBPR and PPR.

10:20 AM

Approaches and Challenges to DPTM certification

Panellists will discuss how a potential DPTM certification journey can look like for an applying organisation.

10:30 AM

Looking forward, and expanding beyond Singapore

We explore Data Privacy provisions for cross-border data flows, and also possible shifts in the regulatory landscape.

10:45 AMQ&A

All timings in SGT unless otherwise stated.

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