Benefits of ISO 27001

Benefits of ISO 27001

With remote working as the new norm, businesses are at the forefront of adopting digital transformation strategies to stay competitive. However, with the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, ensuring robust cyber security measures is vital for business continuity and information security. 

This is where ISO 27001 Certification comes into play — keep reading to find out more about the benefits of implementing this standard.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that provides a framework for implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and improving a documented ISMS to manage information security efficiently and effectively. This standard ensures that an organisation covers all policies and processes related to how data is managed and used.

Find out more about the benefits of an ISO 27001 Certification for your organisation.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing the ISO 27001 Standard?

ISO 27001 provides a world-class risk management framework for organisations to establish a sound Information Security Management System (ISMS) in ensuring information security and effective management of organisational risks.

The establishment of an ISO 27001 Certified ISMS to ensure that a comprehensive set of information security policies, processes and procedures are aligned with industry best practices. For instance, NIST is embedded within the organisation to safeguard the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability) of the organisation’s information asset. 

With a robust risk management framework in place, an organisation can better identify and assess the different areas of risks, in which security resources can be effectively allocated to mitigate these risks to an acceptable level. This includes the development of a continuous risk monitoring process with associated metrics, where organisations can manage and mitigate existing and new risks efficiently.

Find out how the implementation and certification of an ISO 27001 Certified ISMS allows Contour to better protect and manage their operational technology and information security risks

Retaining and Winning New Customers-cyber security governance

Being ISO 27001 certified demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to cyber security governance and ensuring information security to an internationally recognised standard, which provides assurance to stakeholders and customers that their data are secured.

In today’s world, cyber security and data breaches are perpetually increasing. With this, organisations have an ever-growing concern about how their valuable information is being managed, used and protected. This is especially so for organisations in highly regulated industries such as Banking and Finance, Healthcare or Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) Industries information security.

Often time, as part of the contractual requirements, third-party vendors of these organisations are required to be compliant with ISO 27001 or other information security standards. This is to ensure that sound information security policies, processes and procedures are implemented by these third parties to safeguard the critical information assets shared.

Therefore, the attainment of ISO 27001 certification serves as a great competitive advantage over other non-compliant organisations, which allows organisations to demonstrate their information security posture and tap into new opportunities.

Find out how the attainment of ISO 27001 serves as a testament to STACS’  ongoing commitment to its customers and stakeholders in managing information safely and securely.

As more organisations adopt digital transformation and grow in reliance on operational technologies, ensuring information security would be vital in ensuring long term success and cyber resilience. The ISO 27001-certified ISMS acts as an excellent security foundation for an organisation, where the well-integrated security controls allow organisations to defend and mitigate the areas of risks identified.

Furthermore, with the ongoing maintenance of the ISMS, it acts as a good basis for organisations to update/expand upon in their pursuit for other security standards or to meet new regulatory requirements.

Find out how Canva embarked on its cyber security maturity journey achieved the ISO 27001 Certification.

Privasec is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified independent cyber security consulting firm with a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) team of highly experienced and certified professionals, each with an average of 10 years of cyber security consulting experience. 

With great expertise and a commendable proven track record of implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is certifiable to ISO 27001, we are glad to assist and support organisations on their ISO 27001 Certification journey. 

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