Red, Blue, Purple, White, Black & Gold Team

With so many questions about the differences with Red, Blue and Purple team, and with now talks of White, Black and Gold team, our RED Principal Consultant, Riley Kidd, has put together a simple explanation of the different teams.

Blue Team: Defensive, detective and responsive defenders

Red Team: Simulated offensive digital adversaries

Purple Team: Combined offensive and defensive team

White Team: Orchestrate, control and drive exercise outcomes 

Black Team: Simulated offensive physical adversaries (aka Rogue Physical Intrusions)

Gold Team: Simulated theoretical tabletop crisis simulation (aka War Room Simulation)

About Privasec RED Team

Privasec RED are leaders in Penetration Testing, Drone Security, Red Team Attack simulations, SCADA & ICS Security, Physical Intrusions, Theft simulations, Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT), Social Engineering, and Phishing. We are CREST certified. ​

To find out more information before embarking on your security journey across any of the Red, Blue, Purple, White, Black or Gold Teaming requirements that you might have, you can reach out to our SMEs at:

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