Privasec's new office

Privasec’s New office

To accommodate our growing team and business demands, we have moved to our new Privasec Office in Singapore.

Looking forward to our prosperous and successful future with the growing Privasc team!

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Data Privacy Post Event

Event Recap | Data Privacy Panel Discussion: DPTM Vs CBPR

In this panel discussion, hear from industry experts from various industries on how your organisation can address Data Privacy effectively, the importance, and how to maintain it!

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cyber hygiene | Privasec

Cyber Hygiene: Covering All Bases

When it comes to a business’ cyber hygiene, it pays to secure your extended ecosystem and ensure best practices are followed with all the partners, vendors or any other intermediaries that you work with on a regular basis.

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Privasec Year in Review

Privasec – Looking Back on 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, join Privasec in this quick recap of the past year. We look forward to another year worth celebrating!

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Privasec Named 2021 AISA Awards ‘SMB Employer of the Year’

Privasec is proud to be the 2021 winner of the category SMB Employer of the Year in the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Awards. In this award, we are recognised as a company with high engagement and effort in advancing the cyber security sector.

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ISO 27001 Event - 1200x 675

Webinar Recap | ISO 27001 Certification Journeys

In this joint webinar organised by Privasec and AiSP, hear how organisations can benefit from the ISO 27001 certificate and the process of attaining the needed certification.

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The Risk of Domain Exposure In Running SSL Server Test and How to Prevent It

All it takes is one click. In this article, find out how domain exposure can come about as you conduct an SSL Server Test and what you can do to prevent it.

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Privasec RED | Play Learn Hear Webinar

Webinar | Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar

In the recent webinar ‘Play, Learn, Hear — Cybersecurity x Data Centre Webinar‘ organised by Singapore Computer Society (SCS), Privasec RED Consultant Jonah Tan joined as one of the speakers in the sharing session. It was a day filled with much cybersecurity goodness lined up for the audience, where the cyber security skills of the audience were engaged and tested with an interactive cybersecurity game, and they got to have the closest first-hand experience in managing threat risks in the data centre. Afterward, during the sharing session, Jonah had the opportunity to share real-life RED team stories through his talk ‘Incognito War Stories, from a Hacker’s Perspective‘: In the session, Jonah first explained the objective of a Red Team, where the exercise aims to target the “crown” jewels” of an organisation. Without prejudice to any attack vectors, multi-layered attacks are conducted across people, process and technologies. From the perspective of a hacker, Jonah then shared real-life stories of how the Privasec team of ethical hackers successfully penetrated the human element of defence and some of the common techniques used by cyber attackers. Discussing the hackers’ mindset, Jonah also delved into how the human element can be easily exploited and ways businesses can …

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CXO Brief-Cover

SINCON 2021 | CXO Brief

The Privasec team represented by Shamane Tan (Chief Growth Officer), Lim Quan Heng (Regional Head of Privasec Asia) had the privilege to speak alongside leaders and experts in the cyber security field at the recent SINCON 2021’s CXO Brief. It was an enjoyable and insightful discussion where the team heard from like-minded industry leaders from around the world on cutting-edge techniques and solutions when securing critical information infrastructure (CII) and business cyberspace.  Some of the points brought up by other industry leaders from notable cyber security companies such as Kaspersky, Horangi, NEXTGEN Group include:  First-hand experience of how governments’ defenses approach cyber warfare;  The importance of securing cloud environment; Despite many changes taking place on Identity and access management (IAM) over the last 20 years, its fundamental impact on securing organisations has always been the same; and The application of DevSecOps in other areas of cyber security. The highlights of the event put together by Privasec include: The Evolving Role of a CISO with Lim Quan Heng, Regional Head of Privasec Asia With the rising discussions and conversations around cyber security even outside of the traditional Information Security domain, more organisations are looking at how cyber risk should be managed. Sharing …

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Essential Eight Maturity Assessments | Cyber Security | Privasec

Privasec’s Essential 8 Maturity Assessment

Get to know about Privasec’s Essential 8 framework, which focuses on three key objectives — prevention, limitation, and recovery — to help organisations build a baseline to mitigate cyber security incidents.

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02 - PDF Generator Best Practices

PDF Generator Best Practices

The dangers of using server-side PDF generation technologies without properly sanitising user input.

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Copy of PSA - CRM (1200 x 675) Website (2)

Panel Discussion: In Pursuit of The PSA Licence

By Yap Yu Qing, Marketing Executive The Privasec team has organised a panel discussion last week, where it was an informative sharing session in which different aspect of PSA Licensing compliances for FIs including Fintechs and Crypto was discussed. As a recap, in this session, Jonathan Cheong, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of DigiFinex shared about his compliance journey for PSA Licensing and gave insightful advice to organisation that are also planning to embark on the same journey. Emphasising on the importance of risk management for PSA Licensing, he shared that, businesses should become “resilient, and capable of identifying the kind of risks that will affect your (their) business”. Compliance Officers should also be equipped with the knowledge to embrace technological changes which will change the regulatory landscape. Megan Li, Co-Founder of Regtank shared about the key challenges of Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know-Your-Customers (KYC) regulations for Crypto business due the nature of the blockchain technology – decentralised ledger and anonymity of users. With the digital asset industry (cryptocurrency) being an emerging industry in which many regulations are still in the development phases, organisation needs to act fast and reactive to the regulatory landscape. Lim Quan Heng, our Regional Head of Asia, …

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