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Cloud Penetration Test

An assessment to identify security gaps within the cloud environment

Cloud Penetration Test

Test The Security Of your Cloud Environments To prevent cyber attacks

The migration and adoption of Cloud Services, be it in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) has become the norm for many organisations looking to tap into the agility and flexibility that cloud services provide as they innovate and grow. 

As a result, information that was previously held within organisation-controlled IT assets is now being stored, processed and/or transmitted by third-party cloud providers. 

Why Cloud Penetration Test?

Responsibility under Shared Security Model

While many of the larger cloud providers have significant investment in security, the Security of Cloud is a shared responsibility.

Many security-related responsibilities such as access to the cloud may still fall on the organisation consuming the services. If not understood or implemented appropriately, vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to impact the security of the cloud environment and the information held within it, leading to data breaches, disruption to services etc. 

Assessment of Cloud Environment

A Cloud Penetration Test is conducted to assess the security of your cloud environment under controlled circumstances.

In the engagement, our team penetration tester will test and assess the controls of the Cloud Environment (including the technical ones), which helps to identify potential security vulnerabilities within the system. A detailed report will be provided along with a remediation plan to help address critical gaps and vulnerabilities identified during the engagement.  

With these, organisations can better safeguard their systems against malicious actors to prevent severe and irreparable damages from attacks, ensuring business continuity.

Other Penetration Testing Services

External & Internal Penetration Testing

Find weaknesses within your internet-facing infrastructure and protect your information assets from attacks originating from your internal network.

Web Application and API Penetration Testing

Assesses how well your web application and APIs will fare against attacks through the Internet.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Assessments focusing on vulnerabilities specific to mobile applications such as iOS and Android.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Assess the cyber security of your cloud provider’s environment.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks are an attractive target to hackers in your vicinity as they allow them to get a trusted foothold into your network without stepping into the front door.

Bespoke Device/ IoT Penetration Testing

IoT (internet of things) penetration testing reveals any possible security gaps that might lead to a security breach on your IoT device.

At Privasec

We have a team of experienced and certified ethical hackers where we will tailor and adjust the penetration test according to your organisation’s needs. In the assessment, we help you to identify vulnerabilities within your application and will provide a detailed findings report with remediation plan for your organisation.

Our Team Credentials

The Industry’s Leading Offensive Security Team

Our team of CREST-certified hackers possess the knowledge and expertise to conduct effective assessments of your organisation’s systems. Contact us to find out how to manage your security risks with minimal disruptions to your business.

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