State of the Cloud 2022 - Cloud Security Trends you should take note of

Cloud Security Trends

According to Fior Markets, the global cloud security market is projected to grow from USD8.33 billion in 2020 by tenfold to USD 36.43 billion in 2028.

As cloud investments continue to surge in the future, organisations will face the big challenge of managing cloud security risks. Here are a few trends that will shape the future of cloud security:

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
    Hybrid Cloud represents a cloud computing environment consisting of on-premises (private) cloud and third-party (public) cloud. The benefit of using hybrid cloud is that there is no single point of failure. More organisations would adopt the hybrid cloud model in 2022, where a survey showed that 95% of companies are slowly adopting the multi-cloud strategy. This strategy is effective when used together with tools such as SIEM and threat intelligence.
  • Adoption of open standard 
    The increase adoption of open data and application standards such as SPIX and TAXII will enhance data protection. Companies failing to adopt to such standards will face the risk of losing data visibility.
  • Cloud management players will focus on cloud security 
    After attacks such as Capital one, cloud management players (VMware, Cloudamize etc) face the risk of failing to manage cloud security. Cross cloud management providers must and will acquire security capabilities that stretch beyond access management and identity.
  • Cloud security 
    Cloud adoption dominates IT investments and businesses need to protect themselves and their customers from aggressive cyber-related exposure risks.

Here are some of the steps companies need to adopt to ensure cloud security at organisation level.

  • Revising development strategy from ground-up while keeping cloud considerations in mind. Moving security to the early stages of development, also known as ‘shifting left’ with security in DevSec Ops is one such example.
  • Rebuilding security policies
  • Leveraging available security controls. These controls can help organisations provide additional visibility in cloud environments.
  • Educating your employees. At the basic level, ensure that the employees understand how to spot a cyber threat and what they need to do in case of an attack.

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