The Weakest Link

According to the OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) report, 36% of all cyber-attacks in Australia are caused by human error, this is the phenomenon known as PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). Thus, employees are our greatest assets, and our weakest link by potentially falling victim cyber-attacks in various forms. They are also our first line of defence, hence continuous education, training and awareness are needed to remain vigilant against cyber-attacks.

Spear Phishing

According to an article by Smart Company (one of Australia’s premier publication for growth businesses and entrepreneurs), 516,380 small businesses fell victim to cyber-crime last year. The first step in falling for a cyber-attack is believing that you won’t be attacked. Prevention starts with educating your employees about some of the most common types of cyber-attacks such as Spear Phishing and how they can be countered.

Privasec’s Director invited to speak at Ingram Micro’s Cyber Security Exec Lunch

Romain Rallu, Privasec’s Director was invited to speak on ISO 27001 at Ingram Micro’s Cyber Security Exec Lunch last week hosted by Shirley Tan. Romain is an expert in Information Security Management Frameworks, and he shared the top ten misconceptions in the market about ISO 27001. Give us a call if you want to know what …

Privasec’s Director invited to speak at Ingram Micro’s Cyber Security Exec Lunch Read More »

Privasec to Sponsor KiwiCon

Privasec is really excited to sponsor KiwiCon – one of the biggest technical computer security conferences in the Australia-Pacific region. More than 2,100 people and 30 speakers attended KiwiCon 2016 conference and the KiwiCon 2038AD (to be held on 16th and 17th November 2018) promises to be even better.

Privasec partners with Cyber Risk Meetup in Sydney

Privasec proudly partnered with Cyber Risk Meetup to bring together industry professionals for the ‘No Longer a Secret’ event in Sydney on 18th October. The well-attended event provided an opportunity for networking and sharing ideas with industry peers. The line-up of knowledgeable speakers leveraged their experiences to provide practical insights into staying in sync with the dynamic risk environment.

AISA Conference Wrap Up.

Privasec Team had a great time at the 2018 AISA Conference in Melbourne. We were proud to have been asked to run a training track at conference. This event was by far the largest on the cyber security calendar and Privasec team helped distribute nearly 2,000 of our awesome T-shirts at the event.

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