VeriSaaS – The IRAP journey

In this edition of our Privasec broadcast, we meet with the CEO at VeriSaaS, Brice Neilson, as he talks through their journey of undergoing an IRAP assessment up to PROTECTED status, what it means to be IRAP assessed, and why.

He is joined by our IRAP Practice Director, Prashant Haldankar, who provided great insights into what businesses can expect of the process and better prepare for this.

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About PrivaBroadcast Series

The Broadcast Series is powered by Privasec; each episode, you will get to meet our different SMEs. From comments on current cyber security affairs to our observations on industry best practices on risk and challenges faced by enterprises, these interactive episodes allow you to join us on our journey and walk away with relevant learnings. This session is brought to you by Privasec ( We are a top-tier and one of the fastest growing governance, risk and compliance cybersecurity consulting firm in South East Asia, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. To find out more information about embarking on your ISM journey, you can reach out to our SMEs at: [email protected].


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