Privasec’s Vendor Security Assessment and Management

The Privasec team in Brisbane, Queensland is very excited to be working with one of Australia’s most exciting payments providers as they finalise their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Merchants and service providers across Australia are increasingly being asked by their acquiring banks and customers to provide evidence of their compliance. PCI DSS QSA’s at Privasec have been helping clients for many years to understand how the standard impacts their business, how to adopt the security controls required by the standard and how to achieve this in in the most productive, cost effective and timely manner. If you are not sure how PCI DSS might impact your business Privasec’s PCI DSS health check can provide the answers.

An international manufacturing company from Brisbane, with operations in Europe and the USA, is working with Privasec’s privacy specialists in Queensland to guide them through the process of getting their data collection and management processes in order. As an international business, they have a need to comply with the Australian Privacy Act, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy regimes in the US. Privasec is excited to be helping establish a unified, privacy led approach to information management and cyber security. Does your business understand how to protect the security of your customer’s data private information? Is it time to ask one of Privasec’s team of privacy specialists to show you how?

How are you addressing third party and vendor risks? Third-party risk management was the topic of the inaugural Cyber Risk Meetup in Brisbane at the end of 2018. Presenters and attendees shared their approach to this important topic. How does your organisation protect the data and assets you entrust to your suppliers and business partners? Privasec’s Vendor Security Assessment and Management is an option that some of our clients are keen to hear about. Could it be a valuable addition to your security toolbox?

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