Cyber Resilience Summit 2021

Cyber Resilience Summit NSW 2021

Privasec is a proud sponsor for the Cyber Resilience Summit NSW 2021 at Dockside Darling Harbour in June.

It was an enjoyable event organised by Forefront Events, where the team from Privasec met and learned from senior security and cyber risk professionals in the industry. We heard perspectives from multiple sectors around the theme of improving cyber posture to manage threats. A strong lineup of CISOs and security speakers explored common cross-industry security challenges and potential solutions to safeguard organisations’  integrity, technology and assets.

Speaker Jacqueline Jayne, who is the Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, covered the 7 dimensions of security culture: Attitude, Behaviours, Understanding, Knowledge & Awareness, Communication, Policies, Unwritten Rules of Conduct. The question she left everyone with, was: “Do your people understand why cyber security is everyone’s responsibility ? Do they know that everyone has a critical role to play?”.

Cyber Resilience Summit 2021

Some of the other highlights from from the CISOs and industry leaders such as Bradley Busch, Mark Smink, Dave Cowan, Saleshni Saleshni, Wilson Chiu, Daminda Kumara, Ajay Dua, and Dali Kaafar include: 

  • The importance of simplifying staff and customer experience with security;
  • How we can lean on our partners and suppliers for scale and availability if an organisation is not yet ready;
  • Considering different scenarios in a BCP including the duration of the crisis, and having flexibility in design helps with adaptation;
  • How can CISOs become business executives with as much control on P&L and balance sheets;
  • With increasing board accountability in the privacy and critical infrastructure space, determine how to have better risk conversations with the Work Health & Safety (WH&S) board by looking at the learnings, journey and language of the industry.

Finally, cyber risk leaders and speakers Susie Costa, Chirag, James Ng and Venkat Balakrishnan shared their unique perspectives, and ended the day with a great session on measuring cyber strength and breach impact minimisation to improve organisations’ cyber resilience.

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