SCADA ICS Penetration Testing

SCADA or ICS environments are sensitive domains responsible for running critical functions such as utility networks, traffic management systems, farm and factory equipment, etc.

The devices in these environments typically run old and vulnerable software, sometimes proprietary. Bespoke and multi-layered defence approaches are required to secure these environments.

The critical nature of these environments make them attractive targets for financially motivated, state sponsored and nation-state attackers.

How we can help

Conventional penetration testing methodologies and techniques cannot be used against SCADA/ICS environments.

Privasec, with our team of experienced and certified ethical hackers, helps you identify the valuable and safe testing techniques to recognise and remediate vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them.

Our engagement process is simple and we are here in person and over the phone to assist at every stage.

The Industry’s Leading Red Team

To discuss how our Red Team can help you test your defences and/or train your staff. Our direct and flexible approach means we can get your Red Team attack going in as quickly as 24 hours.

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