External & Internal Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure and protect your information assets against cyber attacks

Why Network Penetration Testing?

Improve network security and Identify vulnerabilities

Given the fast evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, growing costs and impact of data breaches, organisations are encouraged to proactively secure their cyber assets.

Annual and regular penetration tests are becoming mandatory for many industries and government-related services, especially the financial and healthcare industries. 

In a Network Penetration Test, Privasec can help identify weaknesses within your network infrastructure including firewalls, system hosts and devices such as routers so you can better protect your information assets from attacks originating from network. 

To scope a Network Penetration Test, we will need to know the number of IPs to be tested (external and internal), network subnet size and number of sizes. 

Internal Penetration Testing

Technology plays an important role to empower and enhance productivity in businesses, where IT systems are the backbone of any business, small or large. This includes internal servers, applications, and workstations that holds information critical to any business.

What Is Internal Penetration Test? 

An Internal Penetration Test is performed within an organisation to assess the security of its internal network from the perspective of internal attackers. 

The systems within these internal network hold critical information like IPs, commercially sensitive data (eg: PCI Data), or Personal Identifiable Information (PII), and employees who are trusted to access these information, are generally subjected to attacks. 

This is where hackers constantly tries to exploit the element of trust, where there is a higher likelihood of successfully compromising an organisation from within than it is from the outside. Thus it is essential for an organisation to ensure that a compromised staff account of a disgruntled user cannot cause severe and irreparable damage to their ability to function. 


External Penetration Testing

Regardless of organisation size, whether you are a small business or a multinational, an organisation’s internet-facing IT infrastructure is constantly being poked and prodded by hackers from all over the world.

What Is External Penetration Test? 

An External Penetration Test can be performed remotely and assesses an organisation’s internet-facing IT infrastructure. 

Through the testing, organisations can identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses within their internet-facing infrastructure, including remote working technologies, email servers, file transfer servers, or any other internet-facing IT equipment, etc. 

If these are misconfigured or left without software updates, attackers can gain a foothold into your trusted internal network, corporate servers, and workstations. This can lead to severe consequences where it can limit the ability of your organisation to function. 

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