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Vendor Security Assessment & Management

An increasing number of hacks and breaches are made possible through weaknesses in the supply chain. With the rapid outsourcing to Management Services Providers and the multiplication of aaS (as a Service) offerings, nearly all organisations implicitly trust third parties to safeguard their information. 

  • Commercial and Vendor Management teams have for long been managing vendor risks from a financial and operational viewpoint, but often lack the capability and processes to assess and manage the security risks or exposure these vendors bring to their organisations.
  • Security teams are there to help, but commonly lack the resources to keep an eye on every single vendor. Yet it only takes one vendor vulnerable to compromise your organisation.

Privasec helps organisations quickly, systematically and efficiently manage their vendor security exposure without the need for additional in-house resources or lengthy processes.

Our Service

We provide an end-to-end vendor security management service made of several assurance and management components following the vendor lifecycle. Each of these components can also be procured independently.

What We Do

We streamline your vendor management process, cut down paper through online tools, reduce commercial costs, upkeep your security posture and free up your in-house resources.

How this service works

  1. We help you review, and when necessary create/uplift, your vendor security management framework. 
  2. We will tailor our series of online vendor assessment tool to meet your existing metrics and service levels as well as the agreed processes. 
  3. When new vendors are considered, your commercial and project teams direct them to our online Profile tool where vendors can complete a short questionnaire. The tool will suggest a potential Vendor Level relevant to your organisation. 
  4. Each Vendor Level links to different sets of requirements, assessment questionnaires, validation and ongoing management.

Assurance & Management Framework Overview

We tailor each component to your existing frameworks, requirements and metrics. 

*sample values only. These will be tailored to your requirements, risk management framework & appetite.
**Vendor Levels are tailored to your organisation and usually consider the services delivered, sensitivity and access to information, geographical location, sub-contracting supply chain, company stability/maturity, and resilience.

Next Step

Speak to a consultant to book a demo. We’ll show you how our methodology and tools work and see how we can best support you.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry​

To discuss how our Red Team can help you test your defences and/or train your staff. Our direct and flexible approach means we can get your Red Team attack going in as quickly as 24 hours.
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