Privasec in the Meetup & Community Scene

We are extremely proud of our Senior Consultant Mike Monnik, who delivered an incredible presentation last week at the Cybersecurity & Cyber Risk Meetup in Melbourne. He spoke on the Threat of Drones (from a hacker’s perspective), and had the entire crowd captivated. Well articulated, great content, new perspectives, and inspiring passion. John C. Maxwell, an internationally recognised leadership expert,nailed it when he said this, that a great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. Well done!


We are also excited that our very own Dr. Ignatius Swart, will be speaking at a special event that we are hosting together with Lloyd’s Register on the 6th of June! If you ever wanted to get your company ISO 27001 certified or find out what is really required, come join us for this interesting session. Get your free tickets now before the closing date!

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