Adversary Simulation & Red teaming

Build your battle-tested security posture with real-life attack scenarios by Privasec Red Team

What is Red Teaming?

The best defense is a good offense

Taking the proactive approach, Red Teaming is an objective-based attack simulation that provides a realistic approach to test the resilience of not only your IT controls (i.e., firewalls) but also the security posture of your people, processes, and technology and their ability to identify, mitigate and respond to a realistic and targeted attack.

Why Red Teaming?

Simulating potential attackers, the Privasec Red team will attempt to breach your security by combining intelligence gathering, social engineering, hacking and physical intrusion to expose real and present vulnerabilities in your security that need to be remediated. 

The attacks are multi-layered and objectives focused to target your organizational ‘crown jewels’ or critical business services, so you can understand your cyber resiliency and stress-test existing security controls to identify a response to a realistic attack. It allows you to identify blind spots in your defense strategy, where it bypasses the risk/potential and other ‘ifs”, in which it delivers tangible evidence that cannot be argued against. (non-repudiation)

Our Engagement Process

Crafting and Execution of the real Life Attack Scenarios

Our RED Team will conduct reconnaissance activities, including physical surveillance, intelligence gathering and signal scanning to identify potential gaps in security controls and craft targeted and concerted attack scenarios. 

The attack scenarios will be executed to assess the people, process and technology resilience controls. 

Regular updates on the progress of the exercise will be provided. 

Understanding your Needs

We first understand your assessment objectives as well as the methods, techniques and systems to be excluded and included in the scope of the exercise.

 You can also ask for specific methods to be included if you need to test a particular process or policy (access card cloning, random dropping of USB infected sticks, etc).

Timeframes will be discussed and agreed upon prior to commencement and will vary depending on the required level of sophistication desired.

Non-repudiable engagement

As the conclusion of the engagement, a formal report will be presented, detailing the attacks carried out step by step along with supporting evidence. 

RED Team attacks effectively provide ‘clear cut’ evidence when exposing your security weaknesses. It bypasses the risks/potential and other ‘ifs’ to deliver tangible evidence which cannot be argued against, hence non-repudiation. 

The results of each scenario and prioritised recommendations to reduce your exposure to future attacks will also be provided.

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