Offensive Security

RED Team Attack Simulation

Simulating potential attackers, the Privasec Red Team will attempt to breach your security through any possible means. We not only employ digital methods, but also use physical intrusions and social engineering to attempt access into your network.

We break in so we can show you how we can improve on things.

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Social Engineering & Phishing Simulations

Social engineering exploits what is arguably the weakest link in organisations: the human element. With techniques such as phishing, malicious actors aim to manipulate victims psychologically, as a way to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information and computer systems.

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Cloud Security Assessments

Organisations are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to deliver services to their customers and internal corporate stakeholders. It follows that these cloud environments have to be configured securely, to ensure attackers cannot cause serious and irreparable damage to the organisation or its ability to function.

Our team of experienced consultants can help to review your cloud deployment and all their security configurations to identify vulnerabilities, before the bad guys find them.

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Configuration Review & Hardening

We conduct a review of the security controls of the devices that make up your organisation’s network. Network devices and operating systems with configurations that are not aligned with industry-standard security practices will introduce risks to your security posture.

Our review can help uncover gaps in your system, and propose mitigation efforts that you can undertake to set an acceptable security baseline for your organisation.


Secure System Architecture Reviews

These reviews are carried out early in a system’s design cycle. They focus on providing guidelines and best practices on protecting networks from attacks and also ensures data availability, integrity and confidentiality.


Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

OSINT operations utilise advanced techniques to search through the vast haystack of visible data to find the needles that help achieve your goals and discover information that might have gone public unknowingly.

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