Stay on course with Privasec IT Governance services

We help CIOs and CISOs manage and improve their operations.

Turn your information technology into a business enabling function and unlock smarter investments by adopting good governance practices. Privasec provides comprehensive governance services including strategies, roadmaps, frameworks, policies and processes.

Our consultants leverage years of experience to help you improve IT delivery, manage your outsourcing and reduce costs.

Risk Management

Risk management encompasses a logical and systematic method of identifying, analysing and monitoring the risks associated with your organisation. Risk management is employed to enable businesses to minimise losses and maximise opportunities.

Privasec can define entire framework definitions or ad-hoc risk assessments. We help you make informed decisions about business risks to balance your need for security with your go-to-market strategy.

Outsourcing and Cloud

We help you outsource whilst staying both safe and compliant. We can also help you manage and assess your vendor’s and service provider’s compliance.


We create and tailor best practice policy frameworks to your operations and recommend advanced governance designs to manage complex regulatory environments and align your IT delivery goals with your business strategy.

Process Improvement

We make your IT function work with and for your business not against it. Process improvement reduces cost, improves delivery and increases both revenue and margins.

Information Security Services for Project Management Offices

Our information security services ensure that you stay on top of your IT projects so that they strengthen the integrity of your infrastructure rather than weaken it.

Security in PMP/SDLC

We assist organisations in building seamless security checks in project and development lifecycles.

Project Management Office Augmentation

We integrate your PMO to stay on that you stay on top of your IT projects so that they strengthen the integrity of your infrastructure rather than weaken it.

Requirement Definition and Security Advisory for Projects

We provide security expertise and governance on sensitive and large projects.

Outsourcing Strategy Definition

IaaS, Paas, SaaS, Private, Public, Hybrid, Bursting, etc.. Work out what, how and where you should outsource and how to stay in control of your data

Information Security Policy Framework Creation

We create and implement simple, compliant and effective policies

Security Roadmap Definition

Start joining the dots and get on top of our security with a 1-2 year security roadmap.

Vendor Governance Frameworks

Follow best practices establish a framework to select, on board manage and decommission vendors (*in compliance with ISO/PCI DSS)

Security Control Guidance

We provide expert guidance on specific security controls and improve return on investment.

ICT Governance Services

We help CIOs assess, plan and govern to align IT to support and advance business objectives.

Cloud Strategy

We design and review enterprise and small business cloud strategies, focusing on availability and security of your proprietary information and customer data. Cloud Security Health Check.

Vendor Assessments & Audits

We ensure your vendors and providers deliver as contracted and do not weaken your security posture.

Data Classification

We develop a sensitivity and classification framework, identify and tag information to give you better control of your information.

ITIL (ISO20000) Alignment & Maturity Services

We assist both internal IT departments and service providers to improve timeliness of delivery and operational maturity.

Business Continuity

We work with you to define continuity and disaster recovery plans that protect your revenue streams.

Business Impact Assessments

We help you see the wood from the trees and understand which assets drive and maintain your business growth.