How ISO 27001 Certification Works

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How Privasec's ISO 27001 Service Works

Privasec will establish an ISMS compliant with ISO 27001 for you to operate and train your staff accordingly. All our ISMSs are tailored to the organisation needs, governance mechanism and maturity levels. In larger organisations, existing security and risk management frameworks are often leveraged to deliver a more integrated ISMS offering.

The ISMS establishment process follows the known Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle prescribed by ISO 27001. As part of the PDCA cycle Privasec will assess your security risk and work with you to create an associated risk treatment plan. The risk treatment plan will constitute a security roadmap for security officers, who can rely on the identified risks to create compelling business cases and secure funding.

Speak to a Privasec consultant to get a detailed understanding of the Plan-Do-Check-Act ISMS cycle. Your consultant will also walk you through our baseline ISMS project plan and methodology.

What You Get With Privasec ISO 27001 Certification Services

Business Executives

  • Recognised certification.
  • Maturity and Security Assurance to market & shareholders.

Sales Teams

  • Ability to demonstrate security credentials, get invited to, and win more tenders.

CIOs/CISO/Security Officers

  • Tangible and visible benefits delivered to the business/executives (via the certification).
  • Visibility, understanding and most importantly, ownership of security risks by the executives.
  • A “lock in” annual flow of risk-based security investment.
  • A trusted advisor who knows your business intimately and is only a phone call away.

Security Teams

  • More visibility from the business. Access to create strong business cases.
  • Significant time saving responding to security questionnaire in tenders.
  • Translated IT security problems into tangible business impact.
What you get with Privasec ISO27001 certification services

Top 10 Reasons to Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

  1. Minimise the business reputational/financial and legal impact in the event of a security breach.
  2. Comply with a contractual requirement.
  3. Access larger/bigger clients/tender like multinational and government agencies.
  4. Win a tender/contract renewal.
  5. Gain a competitive edge/stay competitive (depending on the industry).

For CISO/CIO/Security Officers to:

  1. Show tangible value to the business though the marketable certification stamp.
  2. Link ad-hoc existing security controls together and improve ROI through a strategic and consistent approach to security.
  3. Spread risks to the business where they belong.
  4. ‘Lock in’ annual security funding year after year (talk to us to find out how).
  5. Stop wasting time answering the same ISO-based security questionnaires in tenders.

Next Steps

Privasec has years of experience in implementing ISO27001 (ISMS) and achieving certification for its clients. Your consultant will be happy to discuss the details of your ISMS implementation plan and how to best leverage your company’s existing strength.