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Health Checks

Health Checks - Cost-effective assurance and guidance to improve your cyber resilience.

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When did you last perform a health check?

The adoption of connected, digital technologies is driving increased focus on cyber health. In this environment, businesses who are vigilant and proactive in managing organisational fitness can protect against IT security risk and make it a business driver to success.

You may have good, limited or ad-hoc security and don’t fully understand how you rate. Our range of fixed price health checks are a great option to get better visibility of immediate and ongoing risks and threats.

This service also allows organisations to independently check their current security/compliance posture and start defining a wider security strategy to support business objectives.

Privasec grcCost-effective assurance and guidance, in under a week

Our health checks are fixed price engagements, usually delivered in under a week to give you the responses you need fast, and allow you to move forward.

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Identify where you can gain competitive advantage through your information technology. Understand the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, and define cost-effective strategies to meet your compliance and security objectives.

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Cloud Security Health Check

How secure is your in-the-cloud information? Find out now and ensure that your governance, SLAs and supplier contracts protect you.

One of our STAR CSA consultants will work with you to understand what information is either being stored, processed and/or transmitted in your cloud(s). The consultant will leverage the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) control and maturity matrices to assess, at a high level, the security and maturity of each cloud environment in scope and its adequacy in keeping information secure.

Our report will outline the security and suitability of each cloud environment, and contain a prioritised list of risks along with recommendations to remediate these risks.

PCI DSS Health Check

Need to comply with PCI DSS? Find out your current compliance level and the options available to you to reduce or even avoid compliance.

An experienced Privasec PCI DSS consultant will work with you and your SME to confirm the scope of your payment process. The consultant will then assess your compliance posture and advise you of your best options to meet compliance. We’ll also answer any PCI DSS and security related questions you may have.

Our concise report will then articulate your current scope and compliance status, including scoping options to reduce your compliance efforts and costs.

Cyber Security Health Check

How well do you protect electronic information? Find out how you compare against industry peers and leading security standards spanning people, process and technological security controls.

We have experienced security consultants who will attend your offices to assess the existence, effectiveness and efficiency of a range of industry best practice security controls across a complete range of domains.

A report will identify and explain all the areas where adequate controls are either missing or deficient and will identify the risks to your business operations.

Practical recommendations will be proposed and prioritised to create a high-level security roadmap.