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It's mid-Feb and the Privasec team are excited to bring to you two upcoming events, our first physical event of the year in Sydney, Australia, and a virtual session in Singapore.

Written by Breton Chan, Privasec's Marketing Executive

“Cyber security is a confluence between technology, process and people – with adequate and accurate education of an organisation’s people possibly being the most important facet.

Written by Breton Chan, Privasec's Marketing Executive

How prepared is your business for upcoming challenges in the digital landscape?

In recent research data released by the Ponemon Institute and IBM Security, cyber crimes accounted for 18.6% of all crime in Singapore. The average cost of a data breach per organisation in the ASEAN bloc sits at about S$2.7m, with the time taken to identify and subsequently contain an attack clocking in at 287 days; this is an increase from 2019, when the average cost and response time were about S$2.6m and 259 days respectively.

At some point in time, we have all heard about these tax-related scams. Most security-aware and alert ones will be able to pick them up quickly and report it to the necessary authorities. However, there are many who have still fallen prey to these scams.

The federal, state and local governments across Australia has been called by a taskforce of NSW government-sponsored industry leaders to adopt internationally recognised cyber security standards for cloud services:

Today is International Data Privacy Day!

Public education on data privacy has come a long way over the last few years. In today's digital-savvy world, it is important that all of us are well-informed in protecting our data privacy.

The ripple effect from Russia-linked SolarWinds hack has reached the banking shores of Singapore.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is issuing a third-party risk management directive that requires all financial institutions to assess and manage their exposure to technology risks with third-party suppliers, before entering into a contractual agreement.

It's post-Christmas and the numbers are out! We have our ugly sweater winner. Thank you everyone for voting as it has been a very tough call with so much creativity and heart.

A new framework by the Council of Financial Regulators requires APRA-regulated financial institutions to attack themselves in a bid to uplift their cyber preparedness, as APRA orders urgent audits against CPS 234.

The #CORIE framework that has been launched will require banks, super funds and other financial institutions to organise independent red team attack simulations.

Nov. 1, 2020 – More than 34 million users’ data have been compromised across 17 companies worldwide. In the latest data security breach involving a third-party database service provider serving more than several industries worldwide – including finance, e-commerce, entertainment, information technology – the notable victims include RedMart and Eatigo.