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 "You can always benefit from a fresh pair of experienced hands when it comes to maintaining your cyber security posture. Here’s a quick insight into how Privasec is able to help you secure your organisation."

As we progress into 2021, constant vigilance at maintaining a current cyber security posture should remain top-of-mind for all organisations. Our increasingly digitalised business processes inevitably increase the attack surface that is exposed to malicious actors, and COVID-19 has ensured that an unfavourable timeline is set upon us to protect our business continuity.

Be it the need for a strategic security roadmap to integrate into your policies and workflows, or simply a fresh pair of eyes to review your existing compliance levels, Privasec offers a Cyber Security Health Check that can meet your security needs.

This assessment is fluid in the sense that it respects your business objectives and deadlines; a proposed roadmap to an optimal cyber security posture can be staged in a manner that it affords the highest levels of compliance at any point in time while minimising disruptions to day-to-day activities.

A typical engagement involves a workshop between our consultant and key stakeholders in your organisation to review critical business processes and functions, technologies used and existing infrastructure. The aim of this is to obtain a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s cyber capabilities.

This review is then measured against industry best practices and standards, and also any additional compliance specific to your countries of operations. For example, we will ensure that financial institutions in Singapore comply with the six requirements set out in the MAS Cyber Hygiene Notice.

The deliverable for our health check is a report that outlines an overall strategy for your organisation moving forward, with analysis, findings and recommendations on any gaps in your existing processes.

Written by Breton Chan,

Privasec's Marketing Executive


About Privasec's Cyber Security Health Checks

Privasec’s assessments follow the globally accepted security best practice standard ISO 27001 and the ISO 27002 best practice guideline. These are high level enough to cover all the security domains and can be easily mapped to any other framework of interest to the organisation. Based on the industry or geography that the organisation operates in, additional frameworks like NIST, APRA CPS 234, CIS etc. will be used along with ISO 27001 for the assessment.

A health check does not significantly disrupt the normal business operations. We have experienced security consultants who will conduct onsite workshops with your key subject matter experts, to review the organisation’s business and technology risk management practices. Our consultants take the time to understand how these are applied across the business to identify the systems and information assets that are critical to the business.

Health checks are a great value add to the business as it is cost effective and has a quick turnaround time of a few weeks, which will give you the responses you need fast, allowing you to move forward.

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