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Our APAC Cyber Security Advisor, Shamane Tan, was on the panel for the ISACA Summit in Sydney this week. Shamane shared her views on skill shortage in the industry and good hiring practices. Here are a few tips from Shamane:

Shamane ISACA

  • Look beyond the obvious.
  • Look for transferable skills, potential, passion, curiosity, resilience, integrity in the individual candidate. 
  • Look for candidates with the ability to pick up new skills on the job.

Other panellists provided their take on the topic, notable mentions include:

  • Create diverse teams, consider beyond ethnicity, gender, colour etc.
  • Mentoring programs for those with potential to learn and grow into the role. 
  • Every individual brings something different to the role so keep an open mind when hiring.

A special thanks to the ISACA team for arranging another fantastic event.