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Imagine being a student in InfoSec, participating in industry events, winning competitions and having skills on the bleeding edge of security. Still, organisations have been inclined to hire based on industry experience. Our team experienced this at University and promised to try and break this mold when they were in a position to do so.

Privasec Hackceletor

Privasec has been a long-time supporter of mentoring and educating the next generation of security professionals. This vision has inspired us to introduce the 'Hacker Accelerator program' or 'Hackcelelator program'. In our Hackceleator program, selected candidates to receive one on one from our Red Team experts and also get a chance to attend leading security conferences in Australia. Our team understands that there is a need to bring talented professionals in the cybersecurity industry and the Hackceletor program reflects our commitment towards enhancing the Australian cybersecurity industry.

Privasec Hackcelerator

Privasec Red team consists of professional hackers from different backgrounds. Security runs in the blood of our team of ethical hackers who are passionate about what they do. Our team of Privasec Red mentors has wide range of experience across military, industrial and enterprise sectors. Using our experience, Privasec Red consultants have designed a set of pre-breach services and can shift the focus from 'security' to 'resilience' depending upon the situation. Some of Red services include: Offensive Security Services (Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, OIT/UAV Testing and OT/ICS/SCADA security services) and DefensiveSecurity and Resilience services (Incident response containment and analysis, secure development training and war room stimulations). 

Now one of Australia's leading Red Teams, Privasec has selected six candidates from Universities across Australia to be mentored, sent to conferences, included in in-house training and even get in-the-field work experience. Most importantly, we have a lot to learn from them as well. Congratulations to the successful applicants of our Talent "Hackelerator" program.