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Privasec DroneSec's CTO, Mike Monnik, delivered an incredibly well-received keynote: 'A Beginner's Introduction to Drone Security' in Brisbane over the last weekend. He gave an in-depth talk on the big picture of drone security exploring the attack vectors, forensics and counter-UAS tie-ins. Privasec is glad to support BSides initiatives in our local community and the team is already looking forward to the next one. Huge congratulations to both Mike Monnik, Sajeeb Lohani and Fedora Johnson who won the first prize for the OSINT CTF for Missing Persons

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A natural evolution from Penetration Testing and Red Teaming, DroneSec combines years of technical know-how with deep roots in Drone Security Industry. Our DroneSec team consists of both hackers and drone experts. Our DroneSec consultants are passionate about exploring and researching everything from drone security to legal requirements of counter-drone systems and regularly engage with drone security community via podcasts, conference talks, and advisory panels. 

Here is a brief about our DroneSec Services:

  • Comprehensive Drone Security Program Augmenting security within every aspect of your or your investment’s drone program management and delivery.
  • Training Programs DroneSec trains organisations and individuals on the threat landscape, rules & regulations and offensive & defensive Drone operations.
  • Drone Hacking, Hardening and Security Tailored services designed to test, secure and train organisations on remediating threats for their unmanned systems or fleets.
  • Red Teaming and Aerial Threat Simulations A simulation analysing what malicious drones could see or do to your asset or environment resulting in playbook creation.
  • Drone Forensics and Incident ResponseSpecialised technical service that re-constructs events, raw data, and information where an incident has occurred.
  • Counter-UAS analysis, measures and researchProviding assurance against aerial threats to environments, events and personnel.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an appointment with one of DroneSec consultants. 

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