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The Privasec Red guys have been ethically breaking into networks and premises to help organisations identify critical gaps in their security implementation. Using realistic attack techniques and methodologies that are tailored to each of our customers, the team consistently obtains physical and electronic access to various forms of sensitive information. In most cases, the Privasec Red Team been able to compromise clients by using cheap and simple techniques that can be easily protected against.

Our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering techniques have also discovered assets and leverage points that our customers were previously unaware of, helping bring unknown exposures and risks to light.

In many cases basic security vulnerabilities can be eliminated through improved employee awareness. We have been providing practical advice to our customers and assisting them in raising their level of awareness by conducting executive and staff level presentation and training, sharing our war stories and demonstrating attack and defence techniques. Call (AU): 1800 996 001 (NZ): +64 9 222 4725 (SG): +65 6631 8375 to book a meeting with Privasec Red Team.

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