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Daily Backups are bread and butter of any organisation's IT department. An organisation can lose its data due to many reasons: cyber-attacks, corrupt storage media, rogue employees or human error.  Yet many companies fail to formulate a backup and recovery plan for their data. One simple yet effective strategy is the 3-2-1 backup strategy:  

3 2 1 backup strategy

The 3-2-1 strategy consists of three steps:

• STEP 1: Create three copies of your data including one primary copy and two other backup copies.
• STEP 2: Store the two backup copies on two different media such as hard disks or cloud.
• STEP 3: Always keep one of these copies at an offsite location. 

The strategy can be better understood by a simple example. Damian has stored a photo of his family (family.jpg) on his personal computer. This is the first copy of the image. Damian is smart enough to have a backup of this precious family photo on his external hard drive and another copy on Google Cloud. That constitutes two backup copies of the image in two different medium: hard disk (onsite) and cloud (offsite).  

Having an onsite copy is good for immediate retrieval of data but keeping an offsite copy is a key component is the 3-2-1 backup strategy. An onsite copy is susceptible to loss of data. Check out the following article by one of our Red Team's consultant David Roccasalva, about strategies and steps for daily backup of an organisation's data:


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