IRAP ISM Compliance

Just like other businesses, the Australian federal government has undertaken substantial digital transformation in projects such as myGov, Digital Entity,, etc. But with more digitalisation, comes more risk. In recent years, malicious actors have been successfully finding ways to overcome government capabilities. For this reason, Information security has been a top national priority for the Australian government.

IRAP ISM Compliance

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) is one such initiative that has also been recognised by Australian Signal Directorate (ASD) and defines cybersecurity standards for ICT systems processing/storing government data. Many government agencies (State and Federal) and private sector organisations handling Australian Government information are required to achieve IRAP certification. 

IRAP Assessors undergo a rigorous assessment processes within the IRAP Program and are recognised by the ASD as competent to access or develop and implement ICT security systems and relevant security controls for:

  • Gateway / Fedlink / Cross Domain Solution (CDS) audits of all classification levels up to and including TOP SECRET.
  • Network and System reviews at all classification levels up to TOP SECRET.
  • Gatekeeper assessments at all classification levels up to TOP SECRET.

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Privasecs IRAP ISM Assessment
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